Top Target 20 gauge Bluesteel cartridge

A lead-free sport
shooting cartridge

RIO’s Top Target Load 20 gauge Bluesteel cartridge has been created for shooters who are looking for a 20 gauge, lead-free cartridge with steel shots that offers the same energy and velocity as normal ammunition.

Cartucho Top Target Calibre 20 Bluesteel

At RIO we are aware of the importance of using a high quality cartridge for training and competing and, even more so when dealing with a 20 gauge cartridge. For this reason and following extensive testing while working together with the RIO Family shooters, we have achieved a sport cartridge with excellent characteristics and results.  It offers velocities of 375 mps, moderate pressure, soft recoil and dense, compact dispersion, ensuring breakage.

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Top Target Calibre 20 Bluesteel2024707
Cartucho Top Target Calibre 20 Bluesteel