Target Load Bluesteel cartridge

A lead-free sport
shooting cartridge

Our RIO Target Load Bluesteel has been created for great shooters who are looking for a lead-free cartridge that retains the same qualities and results as a lead cartridge.

Cartucho Target Load Bluesteel

We understand the importance of choosing a shell in order to obtain excellent results in training and competitions. With this awareness in mind, we have spent years working and doing thousands of tests with high-level shooters until we reached theRIO Bluesteel range.Today, we can truly say that each shot will be a success.

World leaders in the manufacture of lead-free cartridges for sport shooting, RIO offers a wide range of steel shot options for those in areas in which these shots are compulsory.

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Cartridge 24 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
Target Load 24 Bluesteel1224708
Target Load 24 Bluesteel1224707

Cartridge 28 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
Target Load 28 Bluesteel1228708
Target Load 28 Bluesteel1228707
Cartucho Target Load Bluesteel