Sport shooting cartridges

Clay shooting cartridges

designed by shooters

The choice of the cartridge is a fundamental part of result while in competitions and prior training sessions.

Therefore, we at RIO, in cooperation with some of the best shooters in the world have formed the RIO Family. We have designed a wide range of cartridges for clay and competition shooting, which offer unbeatable performance and results

Cartridges for clay shooting, hunting modes, compak, trap, skeet or wing shooting which, each year, classify thousands of competitors in top places.

Maximum precision and benefits

Reliable and regular performance

Regular benefits essential for upgrading confidence for important competitions.

High clay fragmentation

The extensive field testing carried out has given us dense, compact dispersion which increases the probabilities of clay breakage, even from long distances and difficult trajectories.

High quality components

Thanks to the combination of simple base gunpowder with the right wad and primer, our shotguns achieve excellent velocities, moderate pressure and soft recoil.

Shotgun residue reduction

Our components ensure our clay shotguns produce minimum residue deposits, in addition to being smokeless, which implies a longer lifespan for our guns.

RIO Family

Our RIO Family is a group of high-level shooters who trust in our cartridges for their training sessions and top-level competitions.
Their opinions, impressions and experience are of great value when in the process of designing and improving our different ranges of clay shooting, hunting modes and wing shooting cartridges. Their work and implication in the project has enabled us to achieve excellent results in a multitude of top-level, international competitions.