Star Team EVO Platinum cartridge

Top-level competition clay shooting cartridges

In the world of competitive clay shooting, a quality and reliable shell makes all the difference. At RIO we are aware of this and have consequently improved our Star Team EVO Platinum cartridge following thorough testing by top-level shooters.  As a result, we have accomplished a top-level cartridge.

Cartucho RIO Vinci

High speed and extremely reliable performance with small recoil are the identity marks of the RIO Star Team EVO Platinum, achieving top fragmentation of the clay even at a long range.

After several years in the marketplace, this cartridge has become the favourite among shooters from all over the world, achieving a track record packed with successes on worldwide ranges. This evidence has managed to place RIO as world leader in the manufacture of cartridges for high-level, competitive clay pigeon shooting. RIO Family shooters reach the top places in all the competitions they enter.

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Star Team EVO Platinum cartridge opinion

Tirador Alberto Fernandez Muñoz

Alberto Fernández Muñoz

“It’s the most complete cartridge in the marketplace, thanks to the excellent quality of its components, giving me absolute security and confidence in the knowledge that this is the best cartridge to help me achieve the greatest victories in top-level competition.”

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Cartucho RIO Vinci