RIO ROYAL Mini Magnum cartridge


Always aware of hunter’s needs, we at RIO designed the RIO Royal Mini Magnum. It has been created to give you a greater payload with 9, 10 and 11 pellets.

Cartucho RIO ROYAL Mini Magnum

A cartridge for those devoted to very precise game; such as woodcock hunting, and need ammunition specifically designed for this purpose so as to to obtain great results without having to use larger gauge buckshots.

RIO Royal Mini Magnum cartridges are also available with felt wads. Consult with your trusted gunsmith.

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FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
MINI MAGNUM 4012407011
MINI MAGNUM 4012407010
MINI MAGNUM 401240709
MINI MAGNUM 4212427010
MINI MAGNUM 421242709
Cartucho RIO ROYAL Mini Magnum