RIO ROYAL Cartridge


The RIO Royal cartridge is one of the flagship products of our company. A multi-faceted cartridge which offers a large variety of loads and pellets, in order to adjust to the kind of game you hunt and ensuring you attain excellent results.

Cartucho Rio Royal

Following stringent tests carried out by the RIO Family, we have achieved the manufacture of a top-quality shell. With carefully selected components and controlling each process until finally accomplishing great range with dense, compact dispersion. Consequently, one of the best hunting cartridges.

All our RIO ROYAL cartridges are available with felt wads. Contact your regular gunsmith to acquire them.

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Cartridge 32 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
ROYAL 321232708
ROYAL 321232707
ROYAL 321232706
ROYAL 321232705

Cartridge 34 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
ROYAL 341234708
ROYAL 341234707
ROYAL 341234706
ROYAL 341234705
ROYAL 341234704
ROYAL 341234703

Cartridge 36 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
ROYAL 361236708
ROYAL 3612367010
ROYAL 361236709
ROYAL 361236707
ROYAL 361236706
ROYAL 361236705
ROYAL 361236704
ROYAL 361236703
Cartucho Rio Royal