Committed to the
envirenment, we manufacture
lead-free cartirdges

Lead-free cartridges for target shooting

Cartridges with
steel pellets

At RIO we have developed a comprehensive range of lead-free cartridges for target shooting. Our objective is to make you continue dusting clay without concern for restrictions.

We use steel pellets which, together with top performance primers and powders, result in our Bluesteel sporting range being perfect for any discipline.

Cartuchos de tiro sin plomo
“Lead-free cartridges for competition
shooting are now a reality”
Cartuchos de tiro sin plomo

Efficient and ecological target cartridges

Thanks to the hard work and stringent testing carried out by our technical team, we have achieved lead-free cartridges for target shooting which guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability. This has helped our shooters to feel just as comfortable with steel cartridges as with lead.

Tested and used by top class shooters they are already a true alternative with which to achieve great results on the range while causing minimum impact on the environment.