Committed to the
envirenment, we manufacture
lead-free cartirdges

Lead-free cartridges for hunting

Ecological, lead-free,100% water-soluble cartridges

We, at RIO, believe in responsible hunting and the conservation of habitats. We have therefore shown our firm commitment for the care and respect of the environment through the development of a complete range of ecological cartridges under the denomination of Royal ECO.

This new range comprises lead-free cartridges with 100% biodegradable and compostable water-soluble wads which guarantee maximum efficiency. At the same time, the environment and appearance of the shooting area is respected and cared for as the wad disappears within a short period of time*.


*Depending on the degree of humidity.

Without any doubt, the ROYAL ECO range is an alternative with which to hunt safely, responsibly and without having to sacrifice great stopping power and perfect dispersion.

Perdigones de acero

Steel pellets

Hidrosoluble en 24 horas

Water-soluble in 24 hours

Respetuoso con medio ambiente

Respectful of the

Máxima eficacia y rapidez

Maximum efficiency
and rapidity

Cartridges with steel pellets

Produced in compliance with the highest ecological standards, RIO Bluesteel cartridges provide you with all you need for any hunting type.

The RIO Bluesteel range offers a wide selection of velocities and pellets size, to adapt to your needs and those of the terrain when bringing down your prey.