Committed to the
envirenment, we manufacture
lead-free cartirdges

Lead-free cartridges

Biodegradable, lead-free cartridges

The use of lead pellets in hunting and sport shooting has been widely accepted on account of its great efficiency and low cost. However, due to the increasing need and demand for lead-free, biodegradable cartridges, RIO has designed a broad variety of environment-friendly cartridges combining the use of alternative materials which concede greater respect for the environment without losing ballistic qualities.

RIO environment-friendly cartridges

RIO, leaders in the manufacture of lead-free cartridges, has revolutionised the hunting and competition shooting sectors by achieving the development of a 100% environmentally friendly ammunition. Its water-soluble wad and components are fully respectful of the environment.

The best lead-free cartridges
on the market

Thanks to rigorous R&D and stringent testing, we have managed to achieve a lead-free cartridge that does not forego quality. This shell is precise and efficient for both competition shooting and hunting. We produce a wide variety of powders, primers, and pellets in order to adapt perfectly to the type of ammunition you need that always reduce the contaminating effect.

What should I know about steel ammunition?

Lead-free steel ammunition is an increasingly hot topic amongst hunters and shooters. It gains in popularity season after season. But do we really know this kind of shell?

At RIO we currently use bismuth, tungsten and steel as lead substitutes. Both bismuth and tungsten behave very similarly to lead, although steel offers the most inexpensive option.

Standard and High Performance Ammunition

In the case of steel ammunition, the CIP stamp differentiates two types of cartridge, depending on the properties of the material used in their manufacture.

Standard ammunition which, due to its characteristics (shell, cartridge velocity, weight and pellet size), generates pressures and tensions similar to those of conventional lead cartridges. Cartridges of this type can be used in shotguns for hunting and sport shooting. They are are marked with the standard armament test stamp.

Cartuchos libres de plomo

Ammunition that generates high pressures and tension in the weapon and goes by the denomination of High Performance, may only be used in shotguns bearing the CIP fleur de Lis stamp.

Cartuchos libres de plomo


Within our range of steel cartridges, you will be able to distinguish our High-Performance cartridges by the signage on the stamp that reads “MAX 1050 BAR”, which is a reference to the maximum pressure generated by the cartridge.