125 years manufacturing cartridges
for hunting and target shooting


When Alfred Nobel founded the Spanish Dynamite Powder Public Limited Company in 1872, he never imagined what RIO cartridges would come to represent nowadays for hunters and shooters throughout the world.

Leaders in innovation and committed to continual improvement, our obsession is to provide a response to the needs and demands of the millions of persons who trust us.

Results and values surrounding hunting and sport shooting encourage us to continue rising above ourselves and the competition in the manufacturing of cartridges of the highest quality and reliability while adapting to the new challenges ahead

Cartuchos RIO | Cartuchos de caza y tiro deportivo

Sharing the experience since 1896

We want Río to be an integral part of your hunting or shooting days, full of excitement and enjoyment, and for you to share that experience with those close to you.

Río’s success is based on patented technological developments and a totally integrated production line that encompasses everything from the manufacture of the main raw materials through to the production of all the cartridge components (shells, primers, powders, wads and shot).

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