Small gauge Game Load


We wrap up our product range of RIO Game Load shells with small calibre cartridges. An option for new hunters or those seeking a more ethical type of hunting, this ammunition is gaining ever more followers worldwide and has become an important part of our range of hunting shells.

Cartuchos pequeños calibre Game Load

All our small gauge RIO cartridges are produced applying the same standards, materials and processes as the larger gauges. This is why we are the leading manufacturers of small caliber cartridges and offer a wide variety of gauges, loads and pellets so as to satisfy all tastes and hunting modes.

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Cartridge Caliber 16

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD C.16 281628709
GAME LOAD C.16 281628708
GAME LOAD C.16 281628707
GAME LOAD C.16 281628706
GAME LOAD C.16 28 FW1628707

Cartridge Caliber 20

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD C.20 252025709
GAME LOAD C.20 252025707
GAME LOAD C.20 252025706
GAME LOAD C.20 25 (FW)2025707
GAME LOAD C.20 25 (FW)2025706
GAME LOAD C.20 2820287010
GAME LOAD C.20 282028709
GAME LOAD C.20 282028708
GAME LOAD C.20 282028707
GAME LOAD C.20 282028706

Cartridge Caliber 28

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD C.28 152815707
GAME LOAD C.28 242824707
GAME LOAD C.28 242824706
GAME LOAD C.28 24 FW2824707
GAME LOAD C.28 282828707
GAME LOAD C.323214708
GAME LOAD C.323214707
GAME LOAD C.323214656

Cartridge Caliber 36

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD C.36 50369509
GAME LOAD C.36 50369508
GAME LOAD C.36 50369507
GAME LOAD C.36 50369506
GAME LOAD C.36 653611659
GAME LOAD C.36 653611658
GAME LOAD C.36 653611657
GAME LOAD C.36 653611656
GAME LOAD C.36 763619769
GAME LOAD C.36 763619768
GAME LOAD C.36 763619767
GAME LOAD C.36 763619766
GAME LOAD C.36 763619765
Cartuchos pequeños calibre Game Load