BlueSteel Game Load cartridge

A cartridge for hunting
with steel pellets

Hunting in wetlands and protected areas with lead-free cartridges is becoming increasingly more common. For this reason, following years of testing, RIO has designed the BlueSteel Game Load range.

Cartucho Target Load Bluesteel

A steel pellet cartridge for hunting that possesses a range and stopping power equalling that of traditional lead shots.

Available in different loads and steel pellet sizes, this complete cartridge together with your shotgun, will be your best ally season after season.

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Cartridge 28 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD 281228706

Cartridge 32 grams

FamiliaCalibreCargaAlt. VainaPerdigón
GAME LOAD 321232708
GAME LOAD 321232707
GAME LOAD 321232706
GAME LOAD 321232705
GAME LOAD 321232704
Cartucho Game Load Bluesteel